Meat & Poultry

From chicken to pork, beef, and lamb – we have your protein needs sorted! Our range of meat products are specially chosen by our onsite butchers with both value for money and quality in mind - sure to make your meal as enjoyable as ever. Our butchers are passionate about their craft and love sharing their knowledge. If you’re wanting your meat sliced or diced, having trouble finding the perfect cut you need or if you’re wondering how best to prepare your protein, our butchers are there to help. 

Beef Mince - Lean 1KG
Beef Mince - Lean 500g
Beef Mince - Regular 1KG
Beef Mince - Regular 500g
Beef Ribs - Minimum 1.1KG
Beef Roast - Minimum 1.5KG
Chicken Wings x 8
Farm Fresh Cage Eggs 500g
Farm Fresh Cage Eggs 600g
Lamb Rack - Minimum 500g
Lamb Shanks - Minimum 700g
Osso Bucco 1.5KG
Pork Loin Chops 1.5KG
Sausages - BBQ Thick x 6
Sausages - BBQ Thin x 8
Sausages - Pork Italian x 6
Sausages - Pork Thick x 6
Sausages - Pork Thin x 8
Turkey Thighs 2KG