Round out your pantry with our large selection of grocery items! We work hard to ensure that our items are of the best value for money to our customers. Our aisles are stocked with your essential pantry goods such as pasta, rice, stock, and spices; entertaining and snack-foods; as well as your indulgent confectionary items. We stock general cleaning and bathroom items and even have a huge selection of bottled and imported water and juices! Be sure to keep an additional eye out for individual and weekly specials.

Aegean Adzuki Beans 1Kg
Aegean Almond Meal 250G
Aegean Almond Roasted 375G
Aegean Almonds Natural 450G
Aegean Almonds Smoked 375G
Aegean Brazil Nuts 200G
Aegean Cashew/Soy Mix 300G
Aegean Cashews Natural 500G
Aegean Cashews Unsltd 450G
Aegean Chia Seeds 500G
Aegean Choc Pretzels 200G
Aegean Coconut Chips 400G
Aegean Coconut Cream 400ml
Aegean Corn Nugget Bbq 200G
Aegean Fiesta Nut Mix 375G
Aegean Fiesta Nut Mix 500G
Aegean Flaked Almonds 175G
Aegean Green Split Peas 1Kg
Aegean Healthy Mix 500G
Aegean Laird Lentils 1Kg
Aegean Lima Beans 1Kg
Aegean Linseed 500G
Aegean LSA Mix 400G
Aegean Mung Beans 1Kg
Aegean Mykonos Nut Mix 425G
Aegean Natural Muesli 1Kg
Aegean Omega Sprinkle 500G
Aegean Pepitas 500G
Aegean Pinenuts 100G
Aegean Pretzel Knots 250G
Aegean Quinoa 500G
Aegean Red Kidney Beans 1Kg
Aegean Rice Crackers 180G