Here at T-Bones Fresh Food Market, we aim to provide our customers with wonderfully fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetables. We have aisles of delicious staple fruit items such as apples, oranges, bananas – perfect for your mid-morning snack or school lunches; as well as more exotic fruits like pomegranates, dragon fruit, longans, and jackfruit based on seasonality. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Our friendly staff can be found regularly rotating and restocking our produce throughout the day, so feel free to approach them for assistance. 

Aegean Banana Chips 280G
Aegean Dried Apricots 350G
Aegean Dried Apricots 425G
Aegean Dried Figs 250G
Aegean Dried Papaya 500G
Aegean Dried Pineapple 500G
Aegean Exotic Hawaiian 500G
Aegean Goji Berries 200G
Aegean Golden Sultanas 500G
Aegean Pitted Dates 1Kg
Aegean Pitted Dates 500G
Apple Demi Rouge
Avocado Hass LRG EACH
Avocado Hass SML EACH
Avocado Shepard EACH
Cherry Juice 1L- Bite Riot
Cherry More Juice 1Litre
Coconut Drinking EACH
Coconut EACH

Coconut EACH


Dates KG

Dates KG


Grapes Red Seedless KG
Grapes White Seedless KG
Honeydew White EACH
Honeydew White HALF
Kiwifruit Gold EACH
Lemon Bag 1KG
Lemon Small KG


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