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Author: T-Bones Fresh Food Market   Date Posted:13 April 2020 

Follow a Sunday night / Monday morning at Brisbane Marketplace Rocklea as Big T and the team prepare orders ready for delivery to T-Bones Fresh Food Market in Aspley. T-bones Fresh food market is about to make the leap from a 19 hour day to an around the clock operation. Follow the warehouse and purchasing team through the start of their week.

T-Bones Fresh Food Market

Sunday night, its 11 pm and the warehouse doors open. Another night shift begins and the team starts working through deliveries ordered earlier in the day. Pallet by pallet, box by box they sort through fresh produce checking freshness and quality as they prepare to deliver to the local stores. Today is their first day of the week. Forklifts buzz in and out and orders are checked off one by one.

Before you know it 0300 rolls around and Big T arrives. The warehouse team is already four hours in and have walked over 10 kilometers already carrying boxes and splitting up pallets for delivery. Big T starts to check through some of the teams' orders before he starts taking phone calls and preparing for the market floor at 0600.

Daylight starts to break, coffee arrives and the sun has broken through. It's now 0500, six hours in and almost halfway through a shift and the first truck is preparing to head to the Aspley store. Final checks take place before the truck heads away and Big T makes his way to the market floor. 

From 0600 to 0900 Big T makes his way around the market floor trying fruits and negotiating prices as his offsider 'SD' heads around seeking out vegetables. As they purchase boxes, pallets, and trailers of stock, they are delivered back to the warehouse where they are checked and sorted through by the warehouse team.

0900 rolls around and the warehouse team have now walked over 25km. Big T and SD make it back to the warehouse to once again, check the stock quality, continue ordering by phone and sign off on final orders.

The day is now Monday, the start of the week. The newspapers are already screaming for this week's specials so not only do the team have to buy extra stock and secure prices for the week but they have to make adverts and prepare everything for print. A desk is full of scribbles on paper and after a phone call first drafts are away and it is 1030, time to leave the Rocklea Markets.

30 - 25km completed and the warehouse team pull the doors after the easiest night of the week. This is closely followed by the final T-Bones Truck leaving for it's drive to the store. Big T packs up his briefcase to head across town to Aspley while fielding additional phone calls along the way.

TBones Fresh Food Market Truck

Now the day begins! 

Store inspections, price changes, phone call, phones call, newspaper adjustments, phone call, stock check, phone call, store inspection, phone call, phone call and did I say phone call?!

Stock is checked, specials locked in, newspaper signed off, the social media team is informed its 6PM the store is closing.

Finally time for breakfast, a few phone calls, a quick sleep and be up ready to start all over again in 8 hours, 6 DAYS A WEEK.

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Best Fresh Food Market Ever!

By: on 21 May 2020
Having recently just moved from NSW, Our family of 5 discovered this BEAUTIFUL GEM, neatly established in between an awesome Doctors surgery (that bulk bills mind you), and a Coles we normally would shop at down in NSW. As we made our way through the complex of Robinson's Rd arcade, the 1st round of the corner you could not take your eyes off T-BONES FRESH FOOD MARKET!!! OMG! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?? And where is coles,? Coles, meehh, WE'RE SHOPPING HERE I SHOUTED! Come on Kids! The FRESH produce out on display just MAKES your MOUTH WATER! The display of fruit and vegetables along with the AFFORDABLE PRICES was like i found Heaven on Earth! *-* You think the prices on that was cheap, wait till you check out what's INSIDE THE STORE!! A butchery with meat being cut up and made right before your very own eyes! I couldnt believe the FRESHNESS i was seeing! And the prices and bargains was enough to make my knees wobble a bit, i had to hold onto something that wasnt moving. Lol Is this REAL!!??? A tray of the best steak ive ever seen, at least 10 slices of premium Rib eye fillet cut for just $25.00 O.m.g kids, finally!!! We get to have a quality at home, restaurant style meal that we could never be able to afford ever before but thanks to this MARVELLOUS PLACE, T-BONES. We now can finally afford a good quality, premium meal that meets all our dietary needs, we dont have to worry about where it comes from AND without blowing a massive budget hole! No going without for non diary items either! This fresh food market is Jam packed full of alternative foods for those like me who can't eat diary. Did I mention the Ice-cream?? Yep, ^-^ cheaper then buying one ice cream from any shop, you get A WHOLE BOX! and also a selection diary free ice cream too. Loads of frozen deliciousness. But wait there's more..... Milk is always cheap, and cheeses are well, there are just so many to choose from, you'll be there for half an hour deciding which one should we try? The hams/deli meats selection IS TO DIE FOR! I can grab a 1.5kg bag of premium sliced ham for under 10bucks or maybe the next week a 1.5kg bag thinly sliced pastrami for 12 bucks depending on the specials that week. I pack it in containers for the kids sandwichs for SCHOOL and whenever you want a sandwich really, cause there is so much to go round for our family now, we never have to go without. There is now more than enough inside our fridge then EVER before. We used to eat Devon, living down south, but since moving here and discovering T-Bones Fresh Food Market, on Robinson Rd in Aspley, our family have been able to finally have the best possible home cooked meals ever before. All the staff are very helpful, they are always smiling, laughing and are always up for a good chat at thier busy checkout. We just love em hey! Great work gals and guys! Your Awesome! I have never once been made to feel uncomfortable and nor have we ever had a complaint about anything. This shop brings the feels of a local market like sydney markets, canberra market you know. But it's INSIDE a shopping complex!! You GOTTA COME CHECK THIS PLACE OUT! Put it on you list of THINGS TO DO today! Thank you T-Bones!! You have given us a MIRACLE! EVERYBODY DESERVES GOOD FOOD AT THE RIGHT PRICE!!

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