Brisbane COVID-19 Lockdown Jan 2021 - It’s Madness!

Author: Tony from T-Bones   Date Posted:8 January 2021 

Brisbane has been hit by COVID-19 lockdown madness! No need to panic guys!

It's Tony from T-Bones here!


Hi boys and girls,

You know what guys? Humans are funny creatures.  Our behaviour is both predictable and crazy at the same time.

Today Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that Brisbane is to go into a strict three day COVID-19  lockdown.  This effects everyone in Greater Brisbane (Metro North, Metro South, Metro East, Metro West), Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan regions.  From 6pm tonight (Friday 8/1/21) through to 6pm Monday (11/1/21), we are officially “locked down”.

So what does this mean exactly?  Well, it means this:


Brisbane Jan 2021 COVID-19 Lockdown


It is only for a few days, and food stores and essential shopping is still open.  You just need to wear a mask when running those errands.

And speaking of running, you’re even still allowed out to exercise!

It’s the weekend.  Basically, we’ve all just been given a leave pass so that we don’t have to go to those unavoidable “family bbqs”, and no more than two people can unexpectedly drop in!  Instead of gym, we can binge on Netflix and maybe have a float in the back yard pool.

But the craziness of humanity raised its head once again.  Within minutes of Annastacia Palaszczuk - let’s just call her “Anna” from here on because it’s Straya and her name is way too hard to spell - interrupting our morning coffee and breakfast radio with the “shock” lockdown announcement we started seeing social media feeds jammed with photos of people panic buying.  

By 10am our Aspley store was overflowing with people in the midst of a whole new level of FOMO!  

Less than 3 hours after the announcement, we have had reports of people in carparks fighting, people running down the street with trolleys full of groceries, and of almost every supermarket in Brisbane experiencing lineups of over 1.5 hours!

Ironically, the point of this entire thing is to socially distance ourselves.  But that many people cram into a store all at once, it kind of makes it impossible.

Luckily T-Bones customers have lots of options here.  There is no need for craziness people!

The lockdown begins at 6pm tonight. We are still open and trading until 9pm tonight and Saturday night too.  Our new extended trading hours means that there is no need to panic buy.  Our staff are considered to be essential workers and will be here to serve you.  

Take it easy and come in at your own convenience.  This will help us adhere to social distancing requirements too.  Just be sure to wear a mask and leave the kids at home. Let's try and keep the crowds to a minimum and keep everyone safe.

As always, you can order online too. Our home delivery truck will be out in full force across the week, delivering groceries across the north side of Brisbane. Have a look HERE to see T-Bones delivery locations and times.   If you see our big red truck, be sure to give our driver a wave!  He will certainly be earning his keep and will appreciate a smile!

T-Bones Home Delivery Truck

Stay home, stay safe and wear a mask.  And don’t forget that the craziness will pass!

Happy weekend,

The Big T.



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